Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Sử Dụng Cách Tiếp Cận Dựa Trên Năng Lực Để Phát Triển Một Khóa Học Viết Dành Cho Các Kỹ Sư

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Sử Dụng Cách Tiếp Cận Dựa Trên Năng Lực Để Phát Triển Một Khóa Học Viết Dành Cho Các Kỹ Sư Tại Viện Năng Lượng Nguyên Tử Việt Nam

Strong needs of working learners, urgent demands of occupation and great expectation of leaders have revealed there is a call for designing a writing course at Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute. This course with workplace orientation was developed using competence-based approach so that the learning outcomes can meet future staffing requirements of the nuclear organization. In this case, based on understanding of VAEI context, learners‟ needs and employers‟ requirements analysis, the paper is to explore the target genres, determine the specificity of writing competences covered within the course, and then develop course schedules. Notably, there have been no attempts in investigating this issue before. Hopefully, the paper would investigate needed English written competences for engineers at Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute and provide suggestions for the course components including contents, objectives, teaching methods and assessment to implement the future writing course under the light of Competence-Based Approach.

  • Field: English Teaching Methodology
  • Code: 60140111
  • Author: Phạm Thị Thu Trang
  • Supervisor: Dr. Dương Thu Mai
  • Page: 125
  • File PDF-TRUE

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